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For the journey and progress of the assignment A03, as for now, we are working on our own as we have discussed with all the team members and divide the work. So, we just focus on own work and we will discuss again next time once we finished with our individual tasks.

In oder to promote effective student-centered, personalized and higher-order-thinking lesson. Here are the lists which contribute in promoting the qualities above:

1)      The use of ICT

In this modern days, ICT is very essential in developing the higher order thinking lesson. It is a helping tools for both students and teachers in enhancing the quality of the activities. Students also easily attracted and excited to deal with the ICT in their learning process.

2)      Fun and captivating activities / lessons

The elements are very important as pupils will always attracted and motivated to learn in this kind of activities. Indirectly, it can promote pupils to actively participate in the activities as well as perform better in their learning.

3)      Cater different learning styles

In designing the activities, it is also important to cater the pupils’s learning styles. It is important to analyze the differences among the pupils so that the activities can be suitable to all the pupils.

4)      Group work

Activities that involves group work is also important. It is indirectly needs the pupils to work together and helping each to complete the task.  In addition, pupils will have more confidence as they need to work together as a team in order to achieve the goals. During this activity, it promotes students centered activity.

5)      Various and colourful teaching aids

Taching aids should be colourful as the purpose is to capture the pupils’ attention to focus and participate in the lesson. As the nature of pupils/kids will easily attracted to the beautiful and colourful things.

6)      Teacher as facilitator

In order to promote student centered activities, teacher needs to take the role to facilitate the pupils. Teacher monitors and let the pupils to explore and work on their own. The role of teacher is to check on the pupils progress and development during the activity.

7)      Assessments and feedbacks

This part is important in order to analyze the pupils’ weaknesses and strength. Thus, pupils can analyze the outcomes of the lesson whether the goals has been achieved or not.

That’s all.thank you. 🙂



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Personalized Learning is a 21st century, “on the leading edge” approach to public education that honors and recognizes the unique gifts, skills, passions, and attributes of each child. Personalized Learning is dedicated to developing individualized learning programs for each child whose intent is to engage each child in the learning process in the most productive and meaningful way to optimize each child’s learning potential and success.

ICT is one of the most effective tools in order to optimize the personalized learning approach among the pupils. Through ICT, pupils will explore more as well as optimize their potential in their learning.

For my lesson plan, i will choose: BUILD YOUR WILD SELF tool


Year: 2

Proficiency: Advanced

Topic: Body parts

Previous knowledge: Human’s body parts

Tool: Build Your Wild Self.

Learning objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils would be able to:

i) recognize and differentiate human’s body parts

ii) create a character through the Build Your Wild Self tool



1)    Teacher introduces the pupils with the human body parts

2)    Pupils need to recognize and see the difference of the human body parts in order to move on to the next activity

3)    Then, teacher introduces with this tool: Build Your Wild Self.

4)    Teacher explains to the pupils on how to play the tool.

5)    Pupils need to create a character based on their creativity.

6)    Then, pupils need to present their own creation of character to the class.


In a nutshell, above is the lesson plan that im going to use with the tool in order to utilize the personalized learning.

Thank you 🙂


Hye everyone…..:)

The PPT task was quite a challenging for me and my group. Luckily, we worked together as a group and as the saying goes…”many hands make light work”. So I do believe in that and it proved in this task. Thanks and congrats to all my team mate :).

Actually, this task is really useful for me to be used in the future. It is very important to insert the elements of fun in the lesson. So, through the use of game, this task will be beneficial for me in the future. . Indirectly, I can learn to do creative stuffs but end up useful for the pupils. Our group decided to make the KUNGFU PANDA as the main subject of the game. The theme is animal which we focus on the giant pndas. So before the pupils play the game, they need to know all the characteristics of a giant panda. So that, if they can answer all the questions correctly, they can be the KUNGFU PANDA.

As the task was very challenging, there were lots of things that we need to improve on. Thanks for all the feedbacks. The feedbacks are really useful for us so that we can make the game better in the future. Based on the feedbacks, and the most important thing that we did not include is is the graphics or pictures. The pictures are so essential in order to capture the pupils’ attention and to attract their interest. Our group also did not include the sound. The sound is also important as it will help to give the big impact to the game as well as to rise up the excitement among the pupils. Not only that, we also need to take into account the font. The font that we used did not really suitable for the pupils. We need to change it to the Comic Sans font as it is more suitable to the pupils. So, the pupils can read better and able to answer all the questions. We also did not use the marking system as we use the correct or wrong system. I realized that, if we use the marking system, the game will be more exciting. I really appreciate all the feedbacks and all those feedbacks can guide me as well as can act as my future reference.

To see the other groups presented, I can say that they are all very creative and put lots of effort in it. They have done a good job and honestly, many things that I can learn from them. As the results of the presentation, I have more ideas in making the game more attractive and interesting. Sharing is very useful. 🙂 For the feedbacks session, I have done my part by giving my honest feedback. Mostly my feedbacks were positive and I can hardly found the negatives as I can see the other groups are so creative and their games were so fun and interesting.

So overall, I have learnt a lot through the session and also thanks you for everyone for giving the useful feedbacks. I really appreciate that. Love you all 🙂


Cake mania is one of my online game that I used to play before and actually still playing it. The game is so fun and attractive. I even downloaded into my hand phone so that I can play everywhere.

The lesson plan is simple, but it really can help the pupils I hope. So below are the general particular and the procedures:

General Particular Year: 2

Language proficiency: Average

Topic: Shape and Colours

Skills: Listening and writing

Previous knowledge: Shape Learning objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to; i) differentiate the shapes and the colours ii) create the cake based on the requirements by the customers (shapes and colours of the cake)


1) First, teacher shows to the pupils the example of different cakes and shapes.

2) Then, teacher chooses pupils randomly to go infront to paste the pictures of the cake with the correct colours and shapes.

3) Then, teacher introduces the pupils with the game: CAKE MANIA In order to play this game, pupils really need to understand and differentiate the colours and shapes of the cake.

This is how they play:


First, they need to click on the cake and follow the requirement from the customers. For example: The customer wants the triangle cake. So the pupils need to click on the triangle cake correctly. If they click wrongly, they need to throw the cake and the earnings will be lost.

Then, they also need to choose the colour of the cake based on the requirement from the customers. If they click wrongly, they need to throw the cake and the earnings will be lost.


After they played the game, teacher wrap up the lesson and discuss the moral values with the pupils. For me, this game is really helpful as it really help the pupils in enhancing the vocabulary in shapes and colours. Thank you.

My first impression when im exploring about this tool or KERPOOF is:

WOW!! It is so colourful, interesting and interactive. I find that this tool really act as a helping tool to the teachers as wel las the pupils. It will surely attract the pupils’ attention and interest in learning as well as explore more in the lesson. Pupils will definitely benefits lots of thing through this medium and will help the pupils in performing their best in their learning.


Kerpoof is a website where children can engage in creative play, interact with their friends and peers as well as have fun in learning. Kerpoof has lots of dynamic activities for the children and these are some of the activies that children can learn and have fun at the same time:






All these are fun yet educational activities for the children. Therefore, if we are looking for resources to help our children improve their computer skills while having fun, this tool might be worth a try.


For me, the limitation is maybe for the pupils who are weak, they really need to have more guidance as for example, for TEALL A STORY activity, pupils really need to have good vocabulary as well good grammar in order to tell a story. This tool does not focus much in teaching the vocabulary and grammar. But for me, I can’t find much limitations in this tool.


This tool can be used during the practice stage as in the presentation stage teacher will give all the input and information for the pupils in order to guide and prepare them for the next activity. Thus, they can practice and explore about this tool better.


As for me, in my opinion I feel that this tool is colourful, interesting and simple. Thus, it will be easy for me to use this tool in my lesson as the instructions and steps are very simple and not complicated at all. Simplicity is important as it will make the user feel happy to use it and for sure it is user friendly.


For me, as I explore and read about this tool, it is suitable to all primary school pupils. Starts from the age as early as 3 to 13 years old. It depends on the teacher to implement in this in their teaching and make adjustment to suit the targeted pupils.


Actually, before the discussion in the class last Tuesday, i didn’t really understand about what is TPACK and how to apply it in the classroom. Then, after the long discussion in the class, i have discovered a lot of things and my understanding is becoming better about what TPACK is.

TPACK is the essential qualities of knowledge required by teachers for technology integration in their teaching. It is the key to effective technology integration in the teaching. It really helps to enhance the quality in teaching as well as help the pupils to learn better with the combination of the technology, pedagogy and content.

Below is my lesson plan that i’ve integrated the use of my TPACK in my teaching:


Subject: English

Year: 2 Jauhari

Proficiency level: High

Time: 8.00-9.00

Theme: World of Knowledge

Topic: Animals

Focused skill: Listening

Integrated skill(s): Reading, writing

Lesson objective(s): By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

: recite Rhyme Poem

: listen carefully to the rhyming words

: differentiate and pronounce rhyming words correctly

Language focus: Nouns (animals)

Teaching aids: Laptop, LCD projector, speakers, power point, clip video, animals’ stick puppets and task sheets.



1)    Teacher shows a stick puppet of an egg as an introduction. Teacher tells the name of the egg is Eggy and they are going to listen to a story about: Eggy’s Amazing Day.

2)    Then, teacher shows the puppets of other characters in the Rhyme Poem such as cat, bat, mat, frog, dog, log n etc.


For set induction, i introduced the pupils with the character of the story that they    are going to listen. Then, to make the pupils more understand i have used the puppets of the characters in order to enhance the understanding of the pupils about the content of the story.


1)    Teacher shows the slide show and asks the pupils to pronounce the words correctly.

2)    Then, teacher plays a video about Eggy’s Amazing Day. (Rhyme Poem)

3)    Teacher asks the pupils to enjoy and listen carefully to the Rhyme Poem especially the rhyming words. (bat, mat, cat, frog, dog n etc.)


During presentation stage, this is where i have used the technology which is the use of the power point in showing the slide show and also the video which the content is about the rhyme poem. Thus, pupils can see and listen clearly about the rhyme poem as well able to enjoy the colourful illustrations. Both really helped me in presenting the pupils with the accurate information.


1)    Teacher gives every pupil a stick puppet.

2)    This time, pupils need to listen carefully to the Rhyme Poem that they are going to listen.

3)    Then, they need to show up their puppet up high once the name of the puppet is being said. For example, when the phrase “I saw a frog” comes out. Then, the pupils that hold the “frog” puppet need to show the frog puppet up high. Thus, all the pupils will be alert and listen carefully to the Rhyme Poem.


During the practice stage the pedagogy strategy that I had applied was Total Physical Response because as the pupils need to show the puppets up high will involved the body movement especially hand. Thus, the learning will take place effectively as pupils learn better through performing the actions by themselves.


1)    Teacher gives each pupil a copy of the rhyme Poem.

2)    In order to test the pupils understanding, teacher asks the pupils to read the poem in group.

3)    Each group need to read stanza by stanza with the correct pronunciation.

4)    Teacher monitors their pronunciation while pupils read the poem.

5)    Teacher distributes the task sheet to every pupil.

6)    Pupils need to match the pictures with the correct words.


1)    Lastly, teacher plays the video again to sum up the lesson for the day.

As a conclusion, i have used the TPACK that consist of the content, pedagogy which is the Total Physical Response and also technology which is the use of power point and the video. To be honest, i just discovered that actually I have applied TPACK my teaching practicum without realizing it.

Posted on: January 17, 2011



Here are my top 10 wish list!!!

So lets scroll down from:

Number 10: Provide the internet access and coverage in the school

This is important in order to get connected with the internet so that all the teachers and pupils will be able to use the internet for teaching and learning purposes. Thus, they can make quick references if they have any doubts and problems about the lesson of the day.

Number 9: The internet access and coverage must be limited for education purposes only

The protection is crucial as internet access is so wide and wild. Thus, we do not want the pupils and teachers to misuse the facilities despite of finding resources for teaching and learning process only.



Number 8: Provide the ICT training for the pupils

By providing the courses or training for the pupils it will help the pupils to get used with all the ICT facilities . Thus, pupils will feel comfortable and able to handle all the ICT facilities and tools. Because there are still some of the pupils are quite weak in ICT. This kind of training will develop their skills in ICT and able to learn in this kind of environment.

Number 7: Use and utilize the ICT facilities as the teaching medium in the classroom

As what we do today, teachers will interact and communicate with the pupils with the use of ICT facilities through the internet such as blog, facebook and windows live. This kind of medium will help the teachers in their teaching especially in delivering messages and information to the pupils. Thus, pupils will always be updated and on the right track as teachers will monitor their progress in this kind of medium.

Number 6: Provide one laptop for one pupil

Actually, this approach has been using by my own hometown, Negeri Terengganu. The government distributes to each pupil a netbook for CELIK IT programme. This kind of approach might be too costly but the results are good as the pupils will have their own netbook and able to learn through their own netbook. Thus, it will replace the textbook as the pupils will refer to the netbook and also they can make reference through the netbook itself.

Number 5: Provide enough numbers of well trained technicians

It is very important to have enough numbers of technicians as ICT tools need to be maintained as well as to ensure that it always functioning. Thus, it will not affect the lesson and less time consuming when there are problems arise. We also do not want the ICT tools just to be displayed only.

Number 4: ICT courses for teachers

The ICT courses will help the teachers to explore more the world of ICT as well as to update the teachers with the latest ICT tools and knowledge about ICT. Teachers need to be well prepared in order to make the lesson runs smoothly as well as able to fully utilize the ICT in the classroom.

Number 3: Every classroom should be equipped with all the ICT tools such as LCD projector, computer and speaker

Thus, it will make the lesson runs smoothly as all the classrooms have all the facilities. It will help the lesson to run without any problems of unavailable tools and etc.

Number 2: Provide each teacher with 1 laptop and the ICT resources

This laptop is important as it will act as the helping tool in preparing the lesson as well as to find resources for the lesson. It will avoid the teachers from making mistakes in delivering the information as they have the access in finding resources.

Number 1:Insert the ICT knowledge as part of the syllabus in the classroom

In this modern world, every pupil needs to have the ICT knowledge and able to handle the ICT tools. Thus, it will help the pupils a lot in their study as well future preparation. The knowledge will prepare them to face the challenging ICT world.

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